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Almost Any Surface!!!

NuSurface offers an innovative, cost effective process to turn old finishes into new on almost any surface. Our unique products consist of a polyurethane enamel formula available in a variety of textures and hundreds of colors. Using the latest resurfacing technology, we provide you the look and finish of new at fraction of the cost of replacement.


NuSurface offers a vast range of  options for updating your existing countertops, bathtubs, cabinets or appliances into a modern color to meet your modern decorating needs.

Your NuSurface options include: New Laminate Countertops; Cabinet Refinishing; Cabinet Re-facing; Bathtub Refinishing;        Ceramic Tile Refinishing; Countertop Refinishing; just about any surface!

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NuSurface has been serving Austin, Texas since 1990. We are part of the  BBB Nusurface

Business Hours



Monday to Friday

8:00am to 5:00pm

Our Services

We offer the following services...

  • Free on-site estimates
  • Re-facing cabinets and counter tops
  • One Year limited warranty
  • We accept cash, check, or Discover, MasterCard and Visa

Care tips

Wait 48 hours before using!

When cleaning DO NOT use harsh or abrasive chemicals.

When work is performed-please allow for open air flow-keep all windows open to allow of odors to dissipate.  The more ventilation the better.